Wednesday, September 22, 2010

33 Weeks

Today I had an ultrasound to check the babies growth and guess what??? She's huge. Her head is measuring 36 weeks and she is guess to already be around 5 lbs. Tyler was 5.5 lbs at 35 weeks and when he was born he was 8.5 lbs. I was really hoping since this one was a girl she would be smaller than Tyler was but its not looking good for me. My doctor never mentioned a c-section to me and I'm not bringing it up. I would really prefer not to have one. Other than the baby's size she looks great.

After the ultrasound I had my appointment with the doctor. I was put on weekly appointments last week when he was doing and internal and my cervix was already thinning out but it was still closed. This week when he checked me I was about 50% thinned out and dilated a cm. So I got the whole lecture about taking it really easy. He would like to see me make it to 36 weeks and then he will let nature take its course. This is all so new to me Tyler did not want to come out. He was born on his due date. I have a feeling she is just messing with my head though. I think she will come around 40 weeks. I hope I am wrong though because I am huge and miserable already. Daddy thinks she will come on his and Tyler's birthday, Oct 20th. So we shall see what little Miss decides to do.

Here is picture of her from the ultrasound. I got another 3D peek. The sonographer told me she is going to really give Tyler a run for his money. She thinks that Tyler is the cutest baby ever. She always tells me how he is the cutest baby that comes in the office and she always threatens to take him.

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