Saturday, April 28, 2012

Happy 18 Months Princess!!!!

I can't believe my beautiful little princess is 18 months old.  She is such a little stinker.  She can be the absolute sweetest thing ever, she knows exactly when kisses are needed.  Then she turns into this screaming monster. I could totally do without the screaming part in my life:)  I just can't believe what a little lady she is turning into.  She is so adventurous and smart.

Here are some of the things Ali is doing at 18 months:

  1. She talks up a storm. I have no idea how many words she has because she has so many I stopped counting. She is even putting 2-3 words together.  
  2. She is starting to color but still prefers to eat the crayons. 
  3. She LOVES water and will play in it for hours. 
  4. She has mastered jumping.  
  5.  She is down to one nap a day and it usually lasts 2-3 hours.  
  6. She loves to eat pretty much everything. She is starting to get a little picky about not wanting certain things anymore. Hopefully she won't take after her brother in this area.  
  7. She adds "ie"  or "y" to everything she says.  For example: yesie, dressy, rocky, trashy and kissy
  8. She can Moo like a cow and Roar like a dinosaur.  My personal favorite is the roaring
  9. I am amazed at how much she understands. If you tell her to do something, she almost always knows what you are telling her to do. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Grandma and Grandpa Leave

I can't believe I totally forgot to take pictures while they were here. I am so bad. At least I remembered to get some before they left.

Here is Tyler and his Great Grandpa

Ali with her Great Grandma

I love this photo of the my Grandparents, they both look so happy. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I find this so funny.  Two kids calming down for the night and they are both playing on their iPads.  At least they were getting along:) 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trains with Avery and Sammy

Avery and Sammy came to visit for a few days and today we took the kids down to the miniature train.  They loved it.  Even Ali is starting to enjoy this kind of stuff.  Its so fun to watch her point to stuff and tell me what she sees. 



 Ali pointing to the train

Tyler and Avery waiting for the train

Tyler and Avery on the train

I don't know what Ali's deal was but she kept lifting her shirt up. I think her belly needed air.  

I love this photo of Avery

Ali digging in the rocks

Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Bows!

Again Ali decided she needed to add the brown bow to her outfit. She's so stinkin cute. 

Ali and Sammy looking out the window

Thursday, April 19, 2012

More Easter

This year for Easter we did what we have done the past couple of years and that was go spend the day with our friend Olga and her family.  They always have a huge BBQ and Easter egg hunt.  This year it rained almost all day.  The kids got restless, so we let them play in the rain.  The rain finally stopped and we were allowed to proceed with the awesome Easter egg hunt. 

Playing in the rain

 I love this little face!

My Handsome little devil!

Daddy and the kiddos

Lining up for the Easter egg hunt

Let the fun begin!

Tyler and his loot

Confetti eggs!!! Tyler loves these things.  They are eggs filled with confetti and you crack them over some ones head.  He loved getting Ali.  Luckily she loved it too.  

A pic of ME!!! This never happens haha 

The princess and I