Monday, May 31, 2010

Muffin Thief

I open up the door to find my son on the other side eating a muffin. He stole the muffin off the countertop and the plate was about 3 or 4 inches from the edge. I still have no idea how he reached it but since he worked so hard for it, I let him enjoy it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby Erands

Today I dragged Daddy out to go look at stuff for the new baby. I bribe him with food, he got to eat at a yummy cuban place. I wanted to check out some double strollers and look at baby bedding.

While we were out at one of the malls, we let Tyler run around the little play area. This kid has no fear. I am amazed that we haven't had any ER visits yet because of injuries.

After we checked out a few strollers, I figured out which one I wanted. I ended up with the one that I had been wanting all along but it was expensive, so I needed to make sure it was really the one. We ended up finding it on sale at another store, so we ran over there and picked it up.

Here is our new Double Stroller, the Bob Revolution Dualie. I can't wait to use it in the fall.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today we took Tyler to Kellerfest. Its a local festival in our town. It was hot. Pregnant and Texas summers do not mix well together. They had a cute little petting zoo there. Tyler got to pet the cows, goats and pigs. He was so gentle with all the animals. I was really surprised because he is not gentle with the dogs. Tyler also got to ride his first fair ride, the carousal.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its a Girl!

I had a normal doctors appt last Thursday and the doctor took a peek for me. He thought it was a girl but wasn't too sure, so we weren't saying anything yet. Then Saturday night I started to bleed a little. It really wasn't much but it was bright red. I tried to just get over it but I couldn't, I didn't really think anything was wrong. So I called the doctor this morning and they wanted to see me. When I went in today I saw the sonographer, she uses the really good machine. She had to do a vaginal ultrasound to get a good look at the cervix, so we got some really good pics of the baby. And we found out its definetly a girl, she wasn't shy this time. I checked out fine they really don't know what caused the bleeding.

So I looked good and for the most part the baby looked really good. They did find a cyst in her brain. This can be a marker for downs but it can't also be nothing. They didn't see any other markers for downs which is awesome. They also said that more than likely if I had just went to the normal 20 weeks ultrasound this would never have been seen. So with that said I am still getting referred to a pernatologist to get and even more in depth ultrasound. Hopefully this will either be Friday or early next week. I am trying to be positive about this, from what the doctors said and what I have read online, most likely this will turn out to be nothing. I will update when I know more. In the mean time please say a little prayer for our little girl.

Here are some pics of the little lady:)

Here is the money shot. The arrow is pointing to the goods or the lack of goods:)

This is a profile picture.

Waving Hi to Mommy, Daddy and Tyler

Here is the face and ribs, as if you were looking down at her. She looks like a little alien.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Tyler loves ketchup but really what kid doesn't. I have been really good about not giving it to him alot. He really only gets it once in a while but when he does he loves it. I have seen too many kids that make ketchup one of the main food groups and I don't want to see that with Tyler.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy 19 Months Little Man

Boy oh boy are you a changing! You have grown so much this month. Daddy went away for two days and came back to a new little boy:)

Here are some of the things that you are doing now:

1. You can point to objects in your book and say them. Some of your favorites are owl, tiger, apple, nana, baby and puppy.

2. When we were at the park, you had to point out every dog to me and say ogg.

3. You love to tell people byebye. We went out to eat the other day and every time the server left you told her bye and waved. Of course its still the cute backwards wave:)

4. You have become really independent. We went to the mall play area and you actually played by yourself. You no longer needed my help for the slide. I got to relax for a few minutes, it was so nice.

5. You give all the babies in your book kisses.

6. You have learned to walk backwards and do it all the time.

I know we say this every month but we are so proud of you. You are such bright light in our day. Your little smile makes every day better.

Here are some pictures that I took of you at the park the other day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Watermelon and Waterplay

That was the name of our playdate today. Tyler had a so much fun hanging out with all the chicks:) I haven't seen him have this much fun in a while. He had a blast jumping in the pool and falling on his butt. Of course we all laughed at him so he kept doing it over and over. At one point he decided to share a ball with one of the little girls and he clapped for himself. I guess my positive reinforcement is working. He was so tired when we got home that he took a three hour nap.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Children's Museum

Today we went to the Children's Museum down in Ft Worth. I think Tyler had a great time. He loved the grocery shopping area. He had so much fun pushing the cart around and collecting all the food.

Driving the Ambulance


Playing with Tops with Daddy

Playing on the big slide in the gift shop. His new favorite way to slide is backwards on his belly. At least it's not head first anymore:)

Friday, May 14, 2010

It s a Hurricane

Okay not really but the sky's really opened up today. We had an really big rain storm. No severe weather just TONS of rain and alot of wind. Tyler really enjoyed watching the rain out the window. I think he gets this from his Grandma Sandy, she loves raining weather.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Splash Park

Today we had a play date at a splash park. This is Tyler's first time going to one and he wasn't really sure what to think about it. He would walk around the edges and then go to the play ground. Every time he came back to the splash area he got braver and braver. He even went in one time. I can't wait until he is just a little bit older. I think he is going to really enjoy this place.

He finally got brave and decided to play a little.

As he was running back to me one of the buckets of water dropped right on his back. I love his face in this one.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big Boy

Tyler has learned to climb up on our bed by himself. He uses the dog stairs to help him get up there. When he wants down, he just slides off the bed.

He is so proud of himself.

Clothes Sorter

One of Tyler's new favorite games is taking all the dirty clothes out of one basket and putting them in another. When he is done he is kind enough to bring me the basket.

Monday, May 10, 2010


The next biggest day of Troy and I's lives. We have a new little one arriving around then. I am about 13 1/2 weeks now. I love how I always get the coolest due dates. Tyler was due on Daddy's birthday (10/20) and by a miracle of God he happened to arrive naturally that day. This one is due on 11/11, if only it was next year. It would be 11/11/11, now that would be fun.

So far this pregnancy has been a little different than mine with Tyler. Not to brag but I had the perfect pregnancy with him. With this one I have had about a week and a half of severe nausea (I lost 6 lbs during that time), off and on nausea throughout the first trimester and a food aversion to Coke, it makes me sick to drink it. I have not had any real cravings yet but I am sure they will come. I think I felt the baby for the first time. I had this little pop in my tummy, similar to what I had with Tyler the first time I felt him. So far I have seen the baby 3 times. I love seeing that little thing in my belly. I have yet to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. At my last appt they couldn't find it so I got an ultrasound instead. I can't wait to find out if I have another little boy or a little girl in my belly. I should find out in the next month. Fingers crossed the baby isn't shy.

Here is a picture of the new baby. This was taken at 7 weeks when they confirmed that there was actually a baby in there with a heartbeat. The baby is in the black circle, its the fuzzy stuff off to the side of the clear black circle.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies that read my blog!

We had a very nice day today. Tyler got me flowers and a card and Troy got me a card. After that we had some people over for lunch, instead of fighting the crowds. We had Dana, Rodney, Aubrey, Nick, Sue and Zach over. Tyler had tons of fun playing with Aubrey. Aubrey loved Tyler's playroom. Tyler even had lots of fun sharing his toys with her once he figured out we would all cheer for him if he shared. After a couple times of cheering for him, he was chasing Aubrey down to give her toys, just so we could cheer for him. Positive reinforcement definitely works with this kid. He loves hearing YAY Tyler!

Here is a picture of Tyler giving me my flowers.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Building Blocks

Tyler loves his blocks. He was a little fussy this morning so I pulled them out for him. It worked, he was instantly a happy baby. I normally keep them hidden because they are a pain in the butt. He is getting really good at putting them together. I build the base for him and then he puts the rest of the blocks on.

Here is his creation from today.

When he gets tired of building, he loves to put the blocks back in the bag and then dump them out again. If only I could teach him to leave them in the bag.