Sunday, February 28, 2010

Really Big Ball

We got you a really big ball today. You loved it when you saw it in Target and carried it throughout the whole store. When we got home you couldn't wait to play with it. You look so funny playing with this ball, its bigger than you!!

Playtime with Great Grandpa

I guess we have to give Grandpa a break every now and then and let him play with you. He deserves it, he has worked very hard while he was out her visiting.

Hugs for Sammy

My Little Princess, Bailey

Are You Ready For Your Close Up?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Aubrey

Today we went to Aubrey's first birthday party. Aubrey has one of the coolest toys ever. She has some of those climbing blocks. Tyler loved these. It was so cute to watch Tyler and Aubrey play together until Tyler fell down the slide and plowed right into her. She didn't appreciate it too much and she let everyone know it. It didn't phase Tyler though, he kept playing king of the mountain.

Troy and I have actually thought about getting him some since he loved them so much but they are very expensive and we don't know how much he would actually play on them since they would be at our house. You know how it goes, the toys are always cooler when they are at someone else's house.

Here are some pictures from Aubrey's party today.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

He is FINALLY earning his keep!! Tyler thinks this new mop that I got for the wood floors is the coolest thing ever. YAY not even 2 and already helping Mommy clean:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Playtime with Daddy...

And random other playtime pictures.

Stupid Toy

My Grandpa insisted on getting Tyler this really annoying and loud toy. Yep, Tyler is now the proud owner of a popcorn popper. Unfortunatly Tyler loves this toy and gets really really mad when its taken away from him. You should have saw his face when my Grandpa brought it to him in Babies R Us.

Cloth Diapering

I finally did it. I have been wanting to start cloth diapering Tyler snce I started staying home with him at 12 months. Lets just say that Troy was not that enthusiastic about it but he said I could if I wanted. About a week ago I bought several to try. I got them in, washed them and got them ready for Tyler. Today we took the giant leap. After one day of cloth diapering I am impressed with how easy it is and how well they actually contain Tyler's pee. Troy got to be the lucky one to change the first poop diaper:) I plan on doing it at least during the week while I am home with Tyler. On the weekends when we are running around I will probably still use disposables just because he can wear them longer.

I love the how cute they look on Tyler. They make is already big baby butt even bigger!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy 16 Months

Wow I can't believe it's Feb 20th already! That means my baby boy is 16 months old today. You are growing up way to fast. I just want to put you in a bottle and freeze time. This is such a fun age, every day you are doing something to make me proud.

Here are some things that you have done this month:

1. You sat on the potty for the first time. I need to get better about having you sit on it but one thing at a time right?

2. You have been paci free for about 3 weeks now. You still don't nap as good as you used to but you will eventually fall asleep.

3. You have rediscovered your love for books. You still won't sit still long enough for me to read them to you but whatever at least you will sit with me a for few minutes. I will take what I can get.

4. You have learned that the dogs like to be covered with blankets and you are constantly trying to put the blankets on them.

5. You are learning to drink out of a new straw sippy cup. Hopefully this will get you one step closer to drinking out of a real straw.

My little angel I can't wait to see what the next month brings. Mommy and Daddy love you!!

Grandpa and Great Grandpa

Tyler's Grandpa is leaving very early tomorrow, so I had to get some pictures of Grandpa and him together before he left.

All the Wood is Down

My Dad and my Grandpa put down the last of the wood today. It looks so good. I am having a hard time getting them completely clean looking but once that happens I know I am going to love it. The color we picked out looks great with the rest of the decor of the house. My Dad is leaving on Sunday, so we were really hoping they would be able to finish and just leave the smaller stuff for my Grandpa to finish before he left. I think I might even be able to get a couple of extra projects out of my Grandpa while he here. I love when he visits he is such a handy man. He can fix almost anything.

Here are some pictures of the floor.

This was taken from upstairs looking down into the living room.

This is the office.

I would post one of the dining room/Tyler's playroom but its a mess right now. So I will wait.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potty Time

Its time to introduce Tyler to the potty. A couple weeks ago I bought him one of the little chair potties and he didn't want to sit on it. I can't really blame him, it looked like it was squishing his little peepee (ooops I mean really big, sorry Daddy). So I returned it and decided to to try one of the ones that sit on the potty. I thought this might be better because he couldn't get down with out my help and the hole was much bigger. On the other one he kept trying to get up every second. Hopefully he will like this one a little more and stay on it for more than 10 seconds. Today I let him sit on the potty with his sippy cup and he was content for about a minute then he wanted down of course with no peepee in the potty.

Camping Out....

In an indoors kind of way. My Dad arrived on Tuesday. My Grandpa and him have been working really hard on getting my floors installed. Since Tyler tends to want to get into everything we have decided to camp out upstairs. Tyler has discovered a love for the treadmill (I'm glad someone enjoys it). He loves to bring his firetruck up there and play on it. He also likes to look out the stair rails and watch the big boys work. He really enjoys the role as supervisor:) Here are some random pictures from our play time upstairs.

Practicing his new walk. He likes to spread his legs apart really wide and walk around.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Working Hard

Here's proof that I got down and dirty putting these silly floors down. Putting the glue down is ALOT harder than it looks.

Meet Baby Zach

After 11 years of trying Nick and Sue welcomed their little bundle of Joy into this world. Zachary William was born on 2/12/10 at 7pm, weighing 7 lbs and 19.5 inches. He is proof that if you try hard enough for something miracles do happen. He is absolutely beautiful (he takes after his Mommy) and perfect in every way. We got to meet this little guy today he was 3 days old.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The War Over Big Dog

Here is video of Tyler showing you all his new trick to keeping away Sammy's toys. Of course Sammy wins in the end but its still cute.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Its a Recorded Breaker

Today we broke a record here in North Texas. They just announced on the news that DFW Airport as never seen as much snow at one time as we got today. Last night they were saying that we were going to get around 2-3 inches of snow. By noon we already had 4 inches on the ground and it was still coming down steadily. The forecast then changed to around 9 inches in our area. Needless to say we had a really exciting day of sitting around the house.

My Grandpa is here for the next 3 weeks to install wood floors in 3 rooms for us. So Tyler and I pretty much stayed upstairs all day. I set up my computer, so I could work and brought up a bunch of toys for Tyler. Of course his favorite toy up there is the treadmill. I guess its about time someone enjoys it, since Daddy and I never us it.

Here are some pictures from our really exciting day today.

These pictures where taken around noon today.

These were taken around 4pm. At this point we had about 6.5 inches on the ground. Yes, Tyler is still in his PJs. Since we couldn't go anywhere I didn't really see the point in getting him dressed.

Its hard to see but my neighbor was building giant snow balls.

The view from the backyard.

Day 2 of work and one room almost done. Its looking really good so far.