Thursday, July 28, 2011

9 Months

Its that time of the month again. My little baby girl is now 9 months old. Just 3 short months and she will be a year old and a toddler:( I am trying my best to cherish her because she is growing up way too fast. I love this photo, its shows off her personality so much. She is a little ham.

Here are some things that you accomplished this past month:

  1. You can stand without holding onto anything for 20-30 seconds before sitting down.
  2. You can clap. You love when we say, "Yay Ali", you start clapping for yourself.
  3. You can babble your B's and L's. You LOVE to talk and I LOVE listening to you talk.
  4. You have taken 2 steps on your own without holding on to anything.
  5. You have started to transition to mostly table foods. You have a serious love for food. You eat anything I put on your tray.
  6. You have started to have some serious issues with separation anxiety. I love that you love me but I wish you would learn to love Daddy just as much:)
I can't wait to see what this next month brings us. I wouldn't be surprised if I was posting that you were a walker. You are so close to taking off. Keep on growing baby girl. Daddy and I love watching you do it.

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