Saturday, June 9, 2012

BBQ With Friends

Troy is loving his new smoker and we almost always have friends over when he fires it up because it makes so much food.  They usually bring sides and dessert and we do a few sides and the meat.  This weekend we had the Lawrence's over.  Tyler and Ali love playing with Jordin and Joslin.  

Here are the four kids playing in the water table. Mine actually in it LOL


Ali loves making the water table her personal pool

She's just too cute not to post!

I can't believe how grown up looking he is getting.  He looks like a little boy here.  

And they are naked.  It never fails. Once they hit the backyard, they end up naked. 

Tyler loves his Sammy:) too bad Sammy doesn't feel the same way

I love it when they actually play together.  They do pretty good most of the time but the do still have their moments.  

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