Saturday, January 19, 2013

3 Months Old!!

I can't believe my little sweetheart is 3 Months old now. He is seriously the best baby in the world.  During the day he never cries until he is ready for bed around 6:30pm.  The kids adore him and love to entertain. Luckily he loves them too. 

Here are some things Mr Blake did this past month
  1. You rolled over, belly to back.  You still hate Tummy Time.  
  2. You are now only waking up once a night, around 3-4am.  I am loving this.  It will probably end soon, so I'm gonna enjoy it while I can. 
  3. You have awesome neck control. You love playing in the jumperoo and sitting in the bumbo.  
  4. You are swatting at toys.  
  5. And my favorite thing, you SMILE! Your little smile melts my heart. 


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