Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blakester is 7 Months Old!!!

I can't believe my little Blakey is 7 months old!!! I completely forgot to post a 6 month update, so I will just to one big one here.  My sweet Blake these are some things that you are able to do now. 

  1. You FINALLY sleep through most of the night!! Most of the time you wake up around 5am to eat.  This is sooooo much better than every two hours.  We finally got to this point by adding in a dream feed right before I went to bed.  YAY for sleep :) 
  2. You are a crawling machine and have been for a while. I think you started this around 5.5 months old.
  3. You loves your purees but are not fond of most finger foods yet.  Of course my 3rd baby is going to be my hard one with every change in life.  
  4. You are so talkative and such a little screamer. You love to stand in front of me and say mamamamamama.  You also have a little screech that is so loud. I could really do without hearing this multiple times and hour. 
  5. You are starting to cruise along the furniture. I can tell you are going to be a early walker like your sister. 
  6. Your favorite time of the day is still bath time. You are finally able to sit good enough to sit in the bath tub. 

Oh Mr Blake you are seriously such a little joy and we are so lucky that you picked us to be your parents.  Most of the time you are the easiest going little baby and always happy.

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