Thursday, December 22, 2011

Children's Muesum

Today we ventured to downtown Atlanta. We were supposed to go snow tubing at Stone Mountain but it was supposed to rain. So they closed it down. Change of plans we decided to visit the Children's museum in Downtown Atlanta. It was AWESOME! Both kids had a blast. We were there for about 3-4 hours. We tried to leave to eat lunch but it was poring down rain, so we went back inside. The kids ate what I brought for them and continued to play.

All ready to play!

Grocery Shopping

Ali climbing EVERYTHING! She is such a little climber.

The worlds BEST train table. Tyler was in some serious heaven here. You have no idea how long he played here.

We tried to escape for lunch but that didn't last too long. We made it across the street and it started pouring. We hid from the rain inside a parking garage until is slowed down enough for us to walk back. Here is us "hiding".

Helping Grandpa put the pipes together.

Ali playing in the "garden"

She is determined to get this ball but she won't stand up to do it. Funny Girl

Got it!

Tyler fishing. He loved this too. This and the train table were the biggest hits for him.

We weren't even out of the parking garage and little Miss was passed out. She was so tired and didn't get her morning nap.

And this was little man after his bath. We were watching a movie and I look down and he's passed out on my arm. He never falls asleep like this. It was so sweet.

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