Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Dinner in Atlanta

Our time in Atlanta is almost over:( We had a really good visit. Its always nice to come here and visit. I have to travel away from home but I get a bit of a break from the kids because there are so many baby sitters around.

Tonight we went to dinner at my Dad's. Marcia made a really yummy pork loin and we all hung around till Ali was done.

Tyler being a great big brother, teaching Ali how to play with this toy.

Ali looking out the window at the dogs.

Ali begging for food. She is always "starving"

Tyler and Grandpa wrestling

I love the pure joy on his face here. He had so much fun wrestling with Grandpa.

Ali and her Great Grandma playing

Grandpa trying to prolong our visit by making Miss Fussy Pants happy. He had a lot of fun trying but it didn't really change her mood. She was ready for bed.

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