Monday, February 21, 2011

And So It Begins.....

Today Tyler decided he wanted to wear his big boy undies!!! I was washing them and he saw them. I figured what the heck. He has been showing lots of the signs. He likes to pee on the potty already and he tells us after he poops. He doesn't care if he's wet or poopy though. I am totally not prepared for this. I have one pair of undies but he was so excited to wear them that I had to go with it.

He didn't want to show me his undies

He did really good for about 2 hrs until he went outside to play. I took him about every 20 min and he went every time. He HATED having an accident in his big boy undies, so that's a good. Since I didn't have another pair to put on him, I put on one of his old cloth diapers. At least this way he could feel it if he was wet.

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