Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Snow/Ice...

So on top of the inch and a half of ice we got a Tuesday last night we got another 4 inches of snow. Needless to say I was really bored. I don't do well with sitting at home all day. We did venture out a couple times. We found out our mini van (that everyone likes to make fun of us for) actually drives better on the ice than some of the big trucks and SUVs. HAHA, so there all you SUV snobs:) We had to take Ali to the doctor. She had been running a low fever and coughing like crazy. It turns out she had bronchilitis (sp), its the infant form of bronchitis. There wasn't anything they could do for her but I really just wanted to make sure it was RSV.

Today I decided to shovel the driveway. I was REALLY bored and I figured it would be a good workout. Tyler insisted on coming out and helping.

After I got done, we played in the snow. Its amazing how just two days ago he hated the snow and today he loved it. We made a snowman and then we had a meatball (snowball) fight we Daddy. Daddy wasn't actually participating, he couldn't get his princess hands cold from the snow. But Tyler and I had fun throwing snowballs at him. Tyler likes to call snowballs, meatballs.

This is a funny picture of Bailey. She hates the snow or anything wet. She found the one spot in the yard to poop that didn't have too much snow on it. Under Tyler's slide. She hates getting her princess paws wet just like her Daddy:)

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