Friday, May 11, 2012


Today is our last day in Orlando:(  We decided to spend it at Epcot.  Tyler had a blast but not nearly as much fun at the Magic Kingdom.  Ali was a super trooper.  She had a 20 min power nap and was in a great mood the whole day.  

 This is a little out of order but this is Ali at the dinner table.  She was so tired but she was determined to finish eating. 


Daddy and Ali

Grandma Sandy and Tyler

The kids checking out the fish at Nemo

Ali chasing the lights

Tyler chasing the lights

Daddy letting Ali play in the water.  I think she could have stayed here all day and played. She loves water. 

Tyler and Mickey

Tyler and Pluto

Tyler and Minnie

Tyler and Donald

Tyler and Goofy

Ali chillin getting ready to take her nap

Tyler on the boat

Ali on the boat. She was more interested in her snack.

The kiddos on the way into Epcot.  

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