Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mainstreet Days in Grapevine

Today we went to a Mainstreet Days in Grapevine.  We met up with the Pritchett family.  Tyler loves playing with Aubrey. 

Tyler and I rode the giant slide with Aubrey and Dana

Daddy on the Ferris Wheel with Tyler.  You can see Tyler looking over the car

Ali on her very first carnival ride.  Tyler insisted that she sit with him and he had to drive.  She had a blast and couldn't wait to go on more.  

Ali on the train.  She did so good.  She sat there the whole time.  

Tyler on the train. He insisted on riding in the front, so he can ring the bell. 

Tyler and I on the helicopters

Tyler and Ali on the Alligator ride

Tyler and Aubrey on the Bears

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