Sunday, May 6, 2012

Grandma Stubb's House

Today we drove over to Dade City to see my Grandma, Uncles, Aunt and Cousins.  She lives on a farm and Tyler always has a blast there.  He loves the cows and tractors.  Ali loved the cows too.  

Tyler and Ali playing on the floor with Grandma Sandy

Ali helping Grandma Sandy give the dog some water.  Ali LOVED the dog!

Ali playing in the dog water. She is obsessed with water. 

We discovered that Ali loves corn on the cob.  She will pick regular corn out of things but couldn't get enough of it when its on the cob.  She ate 2.  

Tyler and Uncle Mike on the Tractor

Ali and Uncle Wesley riding the 4 wheeler

Tyler patiently waiting his turn to ride the 4 wheeler

Tyler and Daddy

Ali just being cute

Ali and Daddy on the 4 wheeler.  

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