Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its a Girl!

I had a normal doctors appt last Thursday and the doctor took a peek for me. He thought it was a girl but wasn't too sure, so we weren't saying anything yet. Then Saturday night I started to bleed a little. It really wasn't much but it was bright red. I tried to just get over it but I couldn't, I didn't really think anything was wrong. So I called the doctor this morning and they wanted to see me. When I went in today I saw the sonographer, she uses the really good machine. She had to do a vaginal ultrasound to get a good look at the cervix, so we got some really good pics of the baby. And we found out its definetly a girl, she wasn't shy this time. I checked out fine they really don't know what caused the bleeding.

So I looked good and for the most part the baby looked really good. They did find a cyst in her brain. This can be a marker for downs but it can't also be nothing. They didn't see any other markers for downs which is awesome. They also said that more than likely if I had just went to the normal 20 weeks ultrasound this would never have been seen. So with that said I am still getting referred to a pernatologist to get and even more in depth ultrasound. Hopefully this will either be Friday or early next week. I am trying to be positive about this, from what the doctors said and what I have read online, most likely this will turn out to be nothing. I will update when I know more. In the mean time please say a little prayer for our little girl.

Here are some pics of the little lady:)

Here is the money shot. The arrow is pointing to the goods or the lack of goods:)

This is a profile picture.

Waving Hi to Mommy, Daddy and Tyler

Here is the face and ribs, as if you were looking down at her. She looks like a little alien.


  1. I will keep your little girl in my prayers. I am glad your bleeding was nothing to be concerned about (at least for them!!). Stay positive and only think happy thoughts :o)

  2. I will be praying for your lil girl also!! I hope everything turns out fine! yay for a girl though!!

  3. She's beautiful! Congratulations again. I will definitely be sending some positive thoughts your way!

  4. How exciting, congrats on your little girl! I'm sure everything will be fine with the cyst, you will be in our prayers.