Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy 14 Month Birthday Baby Boy!

I can't believe how fast time in flying. These months are going by so quickly. It seems like since Tyler hit a year old all of the months just run together now. I love the age that Tyler is at right now, it seems like everyday he is learning something new. I love being able to be the person that gets to teach him all these cool new things. Some of the things that Tyler has accomplished this month are:

1. He cut his 12th tooth and the last of the 1st year molars. Hopefully we are able to take a little break from teething. I can't imagine how bad this hurts him.

2. He can now say book, dog and thank you. Still no daddy though! I think Troy needs to step it up and start working with him on this one. Or maybe Troy doesn't really want him to say this, then he will call for him all the time. All I hear all day is Maaaa.

3. He signs More and Milk. To him I think more means I want food and milk means I want drink. I haven't really worked with him on any other signs, so this might be all he learns.

4. He loves to read books. This is his new favorite activity, he will bring you the book, say boo and then sit on your lap so you can hold the book while he turns the pages.

5. He knows where his belly is. When you ask him "where's your belly?", he tries to lift his shirt. When he sees his belly he likes to rub it and smile. Typical Man!!

6. He had to go to the doctor the other day for his excema and he is up to 24 lbs! No wonder he is so heavy.

That is all I can think of for now. I am sure we have many more fun things to come in this next month. Until then we love you baby boy!

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