Friday, December 25, 2009

We Did It!!

I can't believe we were able to pull off the surprise. My Dad and my Stepmom made up this story that Joel was going to be with friends during the day, so we were going to have Christmas dinner at 6pm. Then my Dad told my Grandparents that they had to pick up a neighbor at the airport (this was a neighbor that always watches their dogs when they go out of town). My Dad and Joel ended up sitting in the airport for about 3 hours, I bet that was no fun. My Stepmom drank about 4 glasses of wine to calm her nerves, she is not a good liar, and my Grandparents were at the house with her waiting for my Dad to return. It all worked out wonderfully in the end. I walked into my Dad's house with my Grandma's back to the door. I walked in and said, " Hi Grandma" and this was the look on her face when she saw me (yes I had the camera ready).

My Grandparents were shocked. My Grandma's face stayed like that for a good 20 seconds and my Grandpa sat on the couch staring at me for about 5 min. I almost brought my Grandma to tears and she said I almost gave her a heart attack. I am so Glad the later didn't happen. It was such a great surprise. I loved their reaction and I will never forget it.

After some of the excitement wore off we ate Christmas dinner and then opened presents. Tyler loved helping his Uncle Joel open his presents and then playing in the paper.

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