Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sick Boy and German Food

This morning Daddy got initiated into the Daddy club. While Troy was nice enough to let me sleep in, Tyler threw up all over him. I got woken up to "You have to get up now and help me". I gave Tyler a bath because I didn't think my tummy could handle throw up first thing in the morning. I was right when I saw it on Tyler's clothes I gagged a little. Tyler seemed to be fine though. While he was taking his bath he played normal and when he was done he continued to play. I don't know what caused it. He did throw up in the middle of the night too, nothing really bad but I did have to change his sheets. He has been acting normal all day but he hasn't really been wanting to eat. All day he just ate here and there. I offered it and if he ate it great but I was not going to push it on his poor little tummy.

This evening, we all got our first taste of German food. A couple of our friends love this German restaurant in Plano, so we all met up there for dinner. I was a bit scared but I figured if they liked it, I should be able to find something to eat there. It ended up being pretty good, expensive but good. Tyler wasn't really interested in trying it. I really didn't expect much since wasn't feeling too good today.

My little cutie playing with a spoon. Doesn't he look like such a big boy now!

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