Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve because Tyler and I were leaving for Atlanta on Christmas Day. We are going out to Atlanta to celebrate Christmas with my Dad, Stepmom and my Grandparents. Tyler is also getting to meet his Uncle Joel for the first time. My Grandparents have no idea that Tyler and I are flying out so this should be a really fun surprise.

We had a great Christmas as our little family. Tyler still didn't quite understand that he was supposed to open presents but he loved seeing all the cool new toys that he got when he opened them. Of course he got way to many presents. I am going to have to put some of them up for a later date. His favorite new toy is his ball pit. He loved crawling around all the plastic balls. It was fun to watch him try to get out of the ball pit.

Here is a family picture of us. Its not the greatest because I had to take it using the timer on the camera.

Here are some of pictures of us opening our Christmas presents.

Here is Tyler playing in his ball pit.

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